Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado became passionate about tree care at a young age.  He started working at a local tree service company. Tree trimming and tree pruning were abilities he learned as a tree climber.  Learning how to predict where branches would fall, selecting the right professional climbing system and cutting technique were mastered for a safe tree removal.

Jose Alvarado considers himself a master at pruning ornamental trees and shrubs to their desired shape, according to their tree type in order to ensure better appearance and health. As a licensed Connecticut arborist he takes great pride in helping his customers care for their trees to reduce the risk of insect infestations and disease by proper pruning techniques and removing diseased trees to avoid affecting others. He is also custom grounds licensed experienced in plant health care and uses safest practices to reduce and eliminate insect and fungal pest on trees shrubs and lawns. His focus is on giving all plants the right growing conditions to become healthy, beautiful and green.